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3 min read

EXACT Release, Version 24: March

March has seen a change in the EXACT versioning, with Version 2024 or V24 introduced...
2 min read

Getting your voice heard

It happens to us all. In today’s interconnected world we’re inundated with marketing...
5 min read

Unlock hidden revenue in your practice with EXACT

At EXACT, we know that practice management software is more than just a ‘utility’ -...
5 min read

Ideas for your next marketing campaign and how to implement

As Easter rolls around once again and patients and staff alike are preoccupied with...
8 min read

Three reasons you should switch to Automated Recalls

With the maintenance of oral hygiene playing an important role in the prevention of...
5 min read

Are you making these mistakes in your practice?

Here’s why you could be losing out to competitors in 2023 When a patient wants to...
13 min read

Achieve your practice goals with an enhanced communication strategy

What are your current practice goals:..
5 min read

What is Patient Portal from EXACT?

In a recent blog, we discussed how you can boost patient experience in your practice...
7 min read

This is why dentists should stop using paper based forms

Trying to be more sustainable has been the goal for many businesses globally as we...
9 min read

EXACT's guide to a seamless patient experience

Most of your patients will have little to no dental experience meaning it won't be a...